Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Week of Contacting Gone Wrong! 7/24/16

Sua Sdei/ Xin Chao!!

This week was amazing! Chi Trinh and I saw so many miracles and can honestly testify of the Lord's hand in this work. 

This week, we were still a little dependent on the Elders and there help. They took us around to different members houses and we even go to sit in on lessons with them. In one of the lessons, while they were sharing I just looked up and realized what a blessing it is to be here in this branch serving with our Elders and Chi Trinh. Each of them has an incredibly powerful testimony and such a love for the work. I'm going to have to be super biased and say, I have the privilege of serving with the best of the best right now.  

We went to visit Co Phuong this week. Her family is super active and her husband is very famous among the Vietnamese branches here because he is such a strong member. Co, however, needs a little encouragement and strengthening of her faith. We visited her last week and committed her to reading the BOM. We came back this week, and she told us straight up she had not been reading because she is so busy. She wakes up at three in the morning to make truckloads of these Chinese buns with the meat inside for her husband to go sell. After she's done, she heads to the market to buy more ingredients and then she just gets caught up.We shared with her the importance of the BOM, and Chi Trinh was really straightforward and firm in telling her that she needed to read it. After the lesson was over and as we were headed out, Co Phuong took her BOM to the front of her house and sat down and read it. It was a real tender mercy.

Co Kim Anh is one of the less-actives we are trying to visit more often. Her and her husband have been members for over ten years and were actually part of getting the church started on the Vietnamese side of things. They are true pioneers. Right now, they are facing a huge trial. Co Kim Anh and her husband, Chu Ut Thi, have stopped going to church for two years now. They are both super sick and running out of food to eat and live in a really run down house. Chu Ut Thi was visited by another church and they offered to buy him a new house and take care of all his physical needs for basically the rest of his life if he would agree to be the leader of a new church. Chu and Co both have very strong testimonies of our church and we witnessed that as they testified to us, but they are in such a hard place that they are really considering leading the new church. They both know this is a trial, but are so overcome by their physical needs that they are not sure what to do. We have been visiting them and trying to encourage them to pray and ask Heavenly Father what they need to do.

We tried to visit a less-active named Co Hanh this week but she kept running away (literally) and hiding from us. One day, we went to her house and she wasn't there. We talked to one of her neighbors who is actually from Kampuchea Kraom so she knows a lot of Vietnamese. This woman has 14 children and one more on the way! We shared with her about prayer and she told us she would be interested in learning more and told us to come back next Sunday! We really hope and pray we get to start teaching her family too! 

Contacting is the best with Chi Trinh. She is slowly but surely learning Khmer and it's actually the funniest thing ever. She doesn't speak clearly but still tried super hard. Here are some funny things she accidentally said wrong this week
"Do you want to sing about Jesus Christ?" (People usually politely reply, "Oh I have heard a song about Jesus before!")
"You can pee with your kids in our English class!" (To guide and to pee sound fairly similar)
None of the people we contact are super turned off though and are always very understanding haha

All in all, it was a super fun and miracle filled week. This week, we get Sister Cheney, the new american sister, with us while Sister Dao goes and does training for English class. We are way pumped and are very hopeful this week is as awesome as the last. 

I love you all and hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of summer! 

P.s. If anyone has tips on how to study two languages at once, that would be awesome sauce.

Sister Wing/ Chi Ca Nguyen 

Picture 1 KaKa is super shy and naps a lot and always follows girls around haha

Picture 2 Chi Trinh being taught by a 7 year old on how to read Khmer

Picture 3 Less-active Co Kim Anh

Picture 4 We are huge fans of face masks

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