Sunday, July 24, 2016

The First Real Week 7/10/16


We got the transfer call last night. Chi Trinh and I will be headed to branch 3 up in north stake and Chi Dao and Chi Cheney will stay here and watch over Branch 6 & 10. 

This week, I can testify that the gift of tongues is so real. Heavenly Father has been helping me so much with both languages and I can really see His hand in my life and in the work. 

So this is how the whole Vietnamese thing works. The Vietnamese are just spread out all over the city, but most of them are located in three areas and that's what Branch 3, 6, and 10 are. Our areas are abnormally huge compared to the Khmer programs areas. We just really have to put on our best listening ears to see who speaks Vietnamese and see if they want to learn or not. Other than that, we go visit less-actives or active members. 

Yesterday, I gave my first talk in Vietnamese! I got up there and was so nervous but I started speaking and it just felt so easy and I really did feel the Holy Ghost just guiding me through the whole thing. But as soon as I thought about myself being up there, I panicked and got way nervous again and started stumbling over my words. The members are wayyy nice though and were so encouraging and were so amazed that I spoke both language, which is way funny because so do they! Hahah

In one of the Sunday school classes, we were talking about what we could do to have a better relationship with Heavenly Father. One of the members brought up strengthening our prayers. Awesome, right?! But wait, and then she said what we need to do it change into our best clothes right before we pray and then kneel and pray in front of the altar of God each of us should have in our homes....That's the church in Cambodia. There's a lot of misunderstandings and little knowledge about a lot of things, but these saints are awesome because what they lack on knowledge, they make up for in their amount of faith. They know of the importance of the Gospel and the power that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have and it's awesome! 

I'm so happy to be here! Sometimes, when I am on my bike I find myself being overcome with an immense feeling of peace and love in my heart. I would not change my mission call for anything and am so honored to be serving these people. 

I can't wait to tell you about the new area next week!! I heard it's an awesome area for Khmers and Vietnamese! 

I love you all!!

Chi Ca Nguyen

P.S. People still don't say my name right hahah

Picture 1 We matched but you can't even see dang it 
Picture 2 One of the members had us over for FHE and made us some bomb viet food that tasted just like Mom's
Picture 3 My very sweet companions


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