Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Week Vietnam Goes to the Temple! 1/8/17


This week was great. Super long. 

Our investigator, Co Hien came to church and even committed to be baptized on March 4, just weeks before I leave. Spooky. When we invited her to be baptized she started freaking out and said "I'm not ready!! I havent memorized anything yet! I don't even know how to sing the hymns yet! You have to wait like two or three more months. I'm not ready yet!! I have to learn more!" And so we explained to her and she turned to our member present help and said "they were trying to rush me" and so we laughed hah...

We had MLC this week and Sister Galland and I learned a lot about POSITIVE ATTITUDES. So we are trying to apply what we learned in everyday missionary work and only say encouraging things. Because why be a negative nancy? 

We also went out to one of our farther areas, Ta Khmao, this week to look for vietnamese people and  had no luck, but we found freeeee mangoes and we are gonna go back out this week to try again because word on the street is there are villages of them out there. 

Some of our members went to the temple this week and brought back an incredibly warm spirit with them and it was so present in church yesterday. They got up and shared about their experiences. Some of them got up there and wept and I cried with them. They got up and spoke of the love that was so abundant in the temple and how we need to practice that same method of loving each other. They talked about being dressed in white and how pure and beautiful and so alike to heaven it was. Some of them were sealed to their families and it made me so grateful for the wonderful blessings of the temple. And I am so grateful for eternal families. 

I love this work! There is no place I would rather be! 

Have a great week, folks!!!1!!!

Sister Chi Ca Wing Nguyen


Picture 2 Sorry I don't like being in pictures

Christmas in Cambodia - Round 2 1/1/17


My memory card got a virus so all of my pictures have disappeared. So NO CHRISTMAS PICTURES. BOO. 
But here are some funny quotes from branch 6's Christmas activity:
*An RM gets up and shares a super spiritual message about Christ*
One of the members of the branch presidency gets up afterwards and says "Yep. I really like what she said. Today is the 24th of December. The day Jesus was born in Jerusalem"
"Yeah so Jesus was baptized in Salt Lake City, Utah"

We got transfer calls and originally Sister Galland and I were supposed to stay in branch 3 which probably would mean I would have spent a total of 9 months in branch 3. And then President decided to change it and now, Sister Galland and I are whitewashing branch 6 as Viet Sister Training Leaders and English class leaders! So fun. All of the titles actually mean nothing because we don''t really do anything haha. We live about 20 minutes from our new area and have to bike a huge bridge to get there every day and Sister Galland and I are just really tired. 

We are really excited to get to work over here. There are truckloads of vietnamese and we've already found so many people to start teaching!!1! The other day, the elders took us over to Co tho's house so that we could start visiting her from now on. And some random lady walks in and sits down and says "I need help" and then goes off about how someone did black magic on her and she's been possessed ever since. We taught her about prayer and invited her to come to church so...

Another time, we were sitting in saturday english class and the students were introducing themselves and one stands up and says "My name is Thang. I am from Vietnam" I went to sit down next to him and he said that if this is a good church he will join and follow the Lord. We invited him to learn with the elders beacuse he also wants to learn khmer and elder phan is khmer. perfect.

Some random lady came to church yesterday with Co Tho and set an appointment with us on tuesday at 4! 

I miss branch 3 so much. The area over here is really confusing and there are a lot of roads and a lot of shacks because people are so poor but we are so ready to serve and love these people. I am excited and so privileged to be doing the Lord's work! 

Sister Nguyen

Picture #1 I stole these pictures. This is at transfers at the mission home. Sister Collins ended her mission. I was happy to see her. Now I am sad.
 Picture #2 Funny