Monday, November 28, 2016

The Week of Thanksgiving! 11/27/16

Xin Chao! 

This week, Sister Galland and I went around sharing about being grateful to slide our way into the Thanksgiving spirit. We totally forgot thanksgiving isn't a thing here haha.

We celebrated with the Leavitts who are a senior couple here in Cambodia and are with us in the Viet branches but also in the mission office most of the time. That was probably the only day on my mission where I really missed America and turkey dinners AHHHHH!!!11!

We went to go visit our investigator, Phi Nhan, this week and she literally called us into her room and then lay down on the floor and slept. I tried to wake her up and shook her and everything but she didn't get up so we left. We were really disappointed. It is so hard having her baptismal date so far in advance and we are feeling stuck because she can't get her marriage license. 

There's a picture below of where we snuck up on Co Lan and caught her reading her BOM but then her dog started barking. Dang it, Mino. 

Yesterday, we were headed to a members home after church to teach a lesson and got a call from the elders who said they had a referral for us! We went to go meet up with them and met a woman named Co Trang. She was very interested so we walked her to the church and talked with her about her life and religion. She said, "Would you believe it if I told you I have shaved my ehad and been a woman monk before and I think I'm going to do it again?" And then, we walked her into the church and talked more and she said she loves talking to people from other religions. Anh Ca Phuoc showed her the baptismal font (which looks like a bath tub about 4 foot deep) and said "Two years ago, I was a normal person just like you and then I entered into here and was baptized. I know baptism will bless your life" and then Co Trang said "WHAT!?!? YOU LIVED IN HERE??" I literally lol'd. No one else laughed. She said she would love to learn more about baptism. Anyway, she said she would come to church next week and took our number because I think she was a little creeped out haha. 

Our area is doing great! The members are really trying to fulfill their calling and we are really grateful for that. 

I hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving ever!! AND I HOPE YOU ARE ALL PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS. IM PUMPED. i love you. 

sister nguyen 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Week of Treasure Hunting 11/13/16