Monday, March 14, 2016

The Week I Discovered the Origin of Dolphins‏

Week 2 of this transfer finished!! Sister Soem is my new companion and boy, could I just rave about her forever. She is 19 and the youngest Khmer I have met in the mission. She is super tiny and very very cute. She grew up in an orphanage and has gone through her fair share of trials and more, but she is the strongest person I have ever met. At first, she was really quiet and didn't really talk much, but now every night she tells me these ridiculous stories that are hilarious. My favorite one so far was about where dolphins come from. Are you ready? So the story goes that an angel came down from heaven because he saw this incredibly beautiful girl. He took the form of a snake so he could talk to her. They fell in love and got married and he was super rich because he's an angel and all. Anyway, a family next to the girl saw what happened and were jealous. So they went into the wilderness and captured a huge snake in hopes that the same could happen for their daughter. They brought the snake into their home and had plans for a wedding and everything. But one night, the snake was super hungry and just starts swallowing the girl. Everyone heard her screaming but just thought they were joking around, until some guy decided to go check up on them and the girl wasn't there!! So he cuts the snake open and pulls her out. She was so embarrassed, that she jumped into a well and became a dolphin. Hahahah none of it makes sense to me. 

This week was a little frustrating for Sister Soem and I. I haven't been in the area for too long and Sister Soem just came so we are basically white-washing. A lot of the investigators that the Sisters before had can rarely meet with us and aren't progressing so much. So this week, we just tried to do CBR finding ad look for less-actives that haven't been to church in forever. Oh btw, I don't know how american missions work, but in Cambodia we have CBRs that are records of the persons, all of their paperwork, a picture of them, updates on how they are doing, and a hand-drawn map that we have to try to decipher. It's been a little hard to try to read the maps. Also, Sister Soem is feeling a little under the weather so we have been inside looking at maps and resting up a lot. 

Other than that, we were able to meet basically our only progressing investigator Maninoot. She's doing super well and always understands what we teach and has great questions to ask! One of my favorite was, "When we are in heaven. Will we be able to eat food?" Good question. If anyone can answer that, that would be great. She, however, broke the news to us that she might be moving back to her hometown where the church is non-existent. She is not sure yet. We are praying that she stays here so she can get baptism and continue building her already strong faith. 

Yesterday, we were able to get a member to take Bong Sovan to church! It was way awesome and we hope we can continue to get members to fellowship her. The Korean church payed her a visit and is trying to get her to join their church too. *sigh* 

Sister Soem got her patriarchal blessing yesterday and it was way cool for her! She kept asking ,e how long mine was because hers was so short. I could tell she was a little bummed, but we all tried telling her that her faith was so strong already and the Heavenly Father trusted her a lot! 

This week, we are going to try to find more members houses and less-actives and maybe get help knowing the area. Also, we got two referrals yesterday so we will go see them this week and are super pumped! We are hoping this week will be a lot better than last week!! All we can do is work! I read this awesome quote from President Benson today that said if we work, we will have the spirit, and then we will be able to teach by the spirit, and then we will be able to touch the hearts of others. I wholeheartedly  believe it! I love you all!! 

Sister Nguyen 

Picture 1 We got to help with a Primary activity! They were cleaning the church and learning about service!! HOW CUTE. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Week Sister Yin and I Are Breaking Up‏

Friends, Family!!! This was a craaazzzzyyy week.
 On Monday, we had interviews with President and it ended up taking longer than anticipated because he got a little backed up so we didn't get to proselyte at all. And then Tuesday and Wednesday, Sister Yin took me all around the area so I could get to know  the area more before she leaves. Funny story, on Wednesday, we had to go back to the American Embassy to pick up Sister Yin's visa. We went back and there were a group of Bong's standing around and we decided to contact them! We gave them all pamphlets and they knew a lot of English so they wanted to talk for a little while we waited until Sister Yin could go in to the embassy. One of the Bongs took a pamphlet and immediately started sketching the front cover of pamphlet. And afterwards, he gave us the sketch with his number on it...hahaha. We told him that we weren't interested and that we were here to preach the gospel and also that it was against the rules. And he said, "If I could take both of you to be my wife, that would be really good luck. I would love you both the same". We told him no and let immediately after that. Sister Yin says these kinds of things happen a lot to her because she looks Korean. Also because she looks Korean, people always say they can't understand when she is speaking and then tell me I speak clearer than her. I don't like it but Sister Yin thinks it's so funny and is actually super flattered when people say that.  
On Thursday, Sister Yin and I got permission from President to head up to Siem Riep  which is 7 hours away. It's where Sister Yin is from. She had to go home and pack her things for her mission. Her original call is to Salt Lake City, but she had to wait for some paperwork to get done and now she is headed out tomorrow!! She hasn't yet been to the MTC or even through the Temple and I had no idea! She is so experienced and knows so much already that she had me fooled! Anyway, it was super nice to be back in a khet even if it was filled with a million tourists. We packed her clothes for about forty five minutes and then caught the bus Friday back to Phnom Penh because by the time we were done packing it was too late. It was the worst bus ride ever. There was only one restroom stop. But there were a million tiny stops because the driver wanted to pick up more people. Sister Yin did however teach me a lot of vocab on they way back though! 
On Saturday, we met with most of our investigators! One of our only progressing investigators is named Maninoot. She is super sweet and has even helped us teach a few lessons. One time she taught about the Atonement with us and started crying in the lesson because she felt the spirit so strong. She's awesome and is getting baptized pretty soon. But since she is an actress/model this is her only free time and she says that this next month will be pretty busy for her. Hopefully, she has been converted enough and has enough faith to continue to come to church. We have another investigator named Bong Sophat who is super willing to learn and she always keeps the commitments we give her EXCEPT she does not come to church. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and she said, "well if it's bad for my health then of course I will follow it!". And so we invited her to church and she said she just goes to a church close to her house because it's closer and they teach exactly the same things. We were really confused and reminded her about why our church was different and that we would come back a later time to teach her lesson 1. She said ok so we will see how this goes! 
Every Sunday, we have to bike over to one of our recent converts house and walk her to church because she is in a wheelchair and can't bring herself. I tried to talk to Sister Yin about getting members to help and she agreed! It was a little frustrating though because even though we tried, everything fell through and we had to walk her anyway. It's so important that we get members to fellowship these recent converts especially because us missionaries will not be here forever and because even President Kimball (I think) taught that it's one of the three things every recent convert needs. Also, this Sunday was a little slow because we didn't get any lessons or contacts. Sister Yin wanted to go meet with members, less-actives, and recent converts so she could say goodbye. And we had a few lessons lined up but they ended up falling through. It was good though, because now I am more familiar with the area and members. The members here are incredible and are always so willing to help the missionaries teach. They also love Sister Yin sooooo soo soooo much and I'm a little scared that I won't be able to measure up. But I know this is the Lord's work and that's the real reason I am here.
Tomorrow, I get my new companion and I have to lead out the area after just a week! I'm a little nervous but I know that the Lord will always help and will always lead us to those who He needs us to meet if we just obey His commandments. I'm way excited and will let you all know how it goes! I hope you have the best week ever and enjoy your girl scout cookies!!!!!!! 

Sister Nguyen 

Picture 1 From last Pday.  - I really wish I could tell you what you were looking at. All I know is it'was inside the Royal Palace *ooooohhhh ahhhh* 

Picture 2 -  The Creepy Bong 

Picture 3 -  Sister Yin and I got a watermelon from one of our Investigators but it was Fast Sunday and we couldn't eat it yet. This is us stalling. 
Picture 4  - The Young Women! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The week I set foot on US soil!

Hi family and friends! 
I don't have much time to email this week but I would like to shortly sum up everything for you! I am in Tultum Pong with Sister Yin right now. She came out just two weeks after I did. Her original call is the Salt Lake City but she has been waiting for her visa and stuff. Btw, she went to do her interview at the US embassy today and she passed!! She's going to America pretty soon which means I will have a new companion in many a week or two. She is an absolute gem and everything she says, I completely agree with. We like read each others mind and it's so cool. 
I love her so much already and don't want her to leave just yet. This week, I met a lot of the members, less-actives, recent-converts, and investigators. Everyone is super nice and tells me I speak Khmer like I am from Kampong Cham haha. There is a member here that is a Look Yiay and she is super old and cooked food for us and it was so yummy. She speaks fluent Vietnamese which is nice because we switch on and off with Khmer and Vietnamese. I am also teaching one of the English classes here at the south stake center. Did I mention we have a stake center? ITS HUGE. AND WE HAVE A REAL CHAPEL. I will tell you more next week! I love this work and I love being here!! 

Sister Nguyen 

Picture 1 The Look Yiay

Picture 2 Some of the youth