Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Week Chi Trinh and I Became a TV Show! 7/17/16

Chi Trinh and I are officially in Branch 3 out in Toul Sang Ke and are whitewashing! Luckily, our Elders have been so kind as to show us around and introduce us to a lot of members. Now it is just a matter of remembering the roads, but Chi Trinh literally has a gift of remembering everything so I am not too worried.

This week was a little stressful because we had to get everything together for our house. No one has been here for six months and so there was literally nothing in the house, but a few piece of broken furniture. It was really fun putting everything together with Chi Trinh though! We both agreed that we now have gained a lot of experience for our future life. 

We saw a lot of miracles happen in just one day. Yesterday was our first real day of proselyting on our own with the exception of one house the elders had to show us. A lot of the families here are part-member families and luckily we came right when the non-LDS family members were home. All in all, we picked up two new investigators yesterday. We taught both of them how to pray and afterwards invited them to pray. It was so cool!! After they prayed they said they felt soo happy.

Chi Trinh and I went contacting and it has become one of our favorite parts of the day. We contacted under this bridge we were supposed to meet our elders at. People were just walking up to us and Chi Trinh was so happy and said it was real evidence of the power of God. We actually found a Vietnamese lady and she said we were more than welcome to come over and meet with her! SCORE. And then there was this other lady selling souvenirs. We started talking to her and could see so much pain in her eyes. We told her that and then testified of the power of prayer and how much Heavenly Father loves her. She literally started crying and we were so amazed at the power of testimony. It was so heartbreaking though because after everything she still said she was too busy to learn with us. I am still a little distraught at that. 

Yesterday, while we were just sitting in church listening to the speakers talk during sacrament when suddenly the Branch President called both Chi Trinh and I to come up and introduce ourselves and share a little bit. We were caught way off guard and both of us just stiffened up. To this minute, neither of us remembers what we said on the pulpit hahah 

The Vietnamese is slowly but surely coming. My companion is the most supportive and caring person ever. We are sure to laugh each day and make the best of everything. It is a real blast. 

Oh! As for the title of this email, we have a huge window in our kitchen that our khmer neighbors just watch us through now. Its way funny and Chi Trinh likes to sing to them in Vietnamese and offer them frozen chocolate from America. They just sit and watch us cook and we talk to them, one of them is an 18 girl who just came from the provinces and is really lonely and has no friends so we've been trying to fellowship her and invite her to church.

That's it from this week! Sorry I dont really have any good pictures to send this week! Ill take more next week!!! 

I love my mission and having the opportunity to serve to Lord each day. 

Also I love you all a lot and thank you for your constant prayers and emails of support. 



p.s. Even my companion who is Vietnamese never says my name right. ill never win. 

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