Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Week We Became The Wedding Singers 7/31/16

Good week! 
We had Sister Cheney with us for a while and it was a blast! Hahah. We had to fit the three of us on two mattresses and those were some of the most uncomfortable nights ever haha I don't even remember sleeping. 

Sister Cheney is a champ and is literally so good at the language already, it's incredible. We are all so impressed and grateful for her addition to the program. It was so fun  to be with someone who is so new to Cambodia. You kind of realize some of the things you do aren't actually normal or acceptable. I think Chi Trinh and I have been out for so long we just kind of forget haha 

On Tuesday, we called up one of our Potential Investigators and she told us we could come to her house. Well, 3 hours later, and tens of thousands of phone calls to her. We never found her house and are pretty sure she sent us on a wild goose chase just to mess with us. She kept changing the location of her house and we were so naive and so hopeful. That was a very rough day for us. 

Wednesday, we had our last English class and will be heading over to the North Stake Center this week. We had soo few students that Sister Christensen said it wasn't worth it. 

On Saturday, all of the Viet missionaries were asked to sing at Anh Lim and Chi Dung's wedding. They're both returned missionaries and were sealed in the temple and it was just so touching to see their example. The District President married them and when he announced them man and wife he said "you can kiss her now or you can continue to kiss her when you go home later" hahaha it made everyone feel really awkward. 

Yesterday, for the second time ever on my mission, we had an actual branch council and it was awesome to see ALL of the leaders there. There is a real difference in the Khmer and Vietnamese branches. There are so few Vietnamese members here, they really focus on sticking together and keeping the members active! 

Oh! Also we met with that woman with the fourteen kids and actually got to teach her and her husband. Half of the lesson was in Khmer and half in Vietnamese. It was sick. They have agreed to meet with us again tomorrow! We're so excited and really pray we will get to start teaching their family even if it will be in half Khmer and half Vietnamese. 

That's pretty much anything exciting that happened! I love you all and am grateful for your support!! 

Chi Ca Nguyen/ Sister Wing 

Picture 1 Toilets in odd places 

Picture 2 One of the Stake Counselors backyard is a river that leads to Thailand 

Picture 3 We just shut down the English class here in TSK :( Only six-seven students each week. 

Picture 4 My favorite students that are technically not supposed to be in this class 

Picture 5 SERVICE. Peeling something? 

Picture 6 A cool wall at our member's house. 10 points if you can find my name. 

Picture 7 Sister Cheney/ Chi Tuyet and I found out we have the same blanket haha go target

Picture 8 Beautiful bride and Handsome Groom 

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