Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Week of Colds and Shivers 10/31/16

Halloween was this week and it was hilarious. On Monday, our entire zone got together and celebrated and played a bunch of Khmer games and spray painted and carved plastic bottles instead of pumpkins hahah. I taped  a fin to my back and stuck a barbie to my dress as my victim and was a shark and Sister Galland rolled out of bed in her pajamas and was a Khmer hahahah. 

After our zone party, we booked it to our branch activity combined with all three branches and get this! Only like 10 members showed up and the rest were a bunch of nonmembers who just wanted to party hahah. We tried to contact them but a lot of them weren't interested and really just wanted to party. Dang it. 

This week, Sister Galland and I caught a bad cold and were in the house a few days this week and I hated it. It just hurt so bad to be inside when you know you could be outside proselyting instead. It also made me love my mission and going out A LOT more. So I guess it was the best of both worlds. 

We had a miracle happen this week. We went to go visit Phi Nhan who hadn't been able to meet with us for a few days. When we sat down with her, we could tell that she was sad so we asked her what was wrong and she said "nothing nothing". And then we read in the BOM with her and it was just a weird atmosphere. after reading, she pulled out a picture of the temple and said "OK. give me the lesson" and we looked at her really weird and said "today, we are teaching about eternal marriages!" and she just rolls her eyes and sighs and says "I've been waiting for you guys to come over this whole week." and then!!!! she went on and told us about how she is thinking about leaving her boyfriend! like moving out of his house BECAUSE she wants to get baptized so bad and this is just impeding and keeping her from baptism! and i just thought back to when i met with president and asked him about what we could do to help her because her baptismal date had passed like three times he said she had three options 1. get the marriage license with out approval of her boyfriends mom 2. wait for her boyfriends mom to accept her or 3. tell her to move out and stop living in sin. and i thought holy cow we definitely can't tell her to do the third one because she ahs no where to go!!! but president said if she really is repenting and has faith she will do it. AND LOOK AT HOW MUCH FAITH AND REPENTING SHE IS DOING. She even told us, "don't worry sister! i will tell you where i move to so you can keep teaching me because i want to learn the gospel and be a daughter of God" 

Other than that, life is really good. It started raining at 3 am yesterday and never stopped. Crazy. 

I know this is the Lord''s work. OK. HAVE A GREAT WEEK. 

p.s. that little girl's name is legit "angry bird" hahahah khmers are SO FUNNY I CANT HANDLE IT 

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