Monday, October 17, 2016

The Week It Rained Miracles! 10/2/16


But first, let me tell you. Transfer calls came last night! I'm staying in Branch 3 and get to train Sister Galland! Woot. 

Now let me tell you about this miraculous week we had. Literally everywhere we turned, there were so many blessings from Heavenly Father. On Monday, after going to the market in the morning, Chi Trinh wanted to buy bread to eat and so I gave her some money and she walked over to the bread lady and tried to speak khmer to her, but the lady just happened to be Vietnamese! We contacted her and she literally said, "Wow! I'm so happy there's a church so close. The one I go to is so far away. Give me your number" We died. 

Then on Wednesday, the Toul Kork Khmer sisters gave us a referral for a family! We went to go meet them Thursday and taught them the entire first lesson. Only the mom, Chi Lien and her daughter Cenda are learning with us. They are super poor and don't have a way to get to the Vietnamese Branch all the way in Toul Sangke so we invited them to the khmer branch on sunday and they said we could come over in the morning to walk to church with them!

Friday was Pchum Ben holiday in Cambodia, so we stayed inside and cleaned our entire house and then got to watch Ephraim's Rescue afterwards and it was swag. 

Early Saturday morning, our investigator Phi Nhan called us and asked us to come over because she was sad. So we headed over and she pulled us into her house and we sat down and saw that all of her clothes were packed up. And then, she just cried. It was way odd because she is one of the toughest cookies I've ever met. She told us about how her and her boyfriend got into a fight and he told her she needed to leave the house or he would leave. She was way sad because she said he was headed on the wrong path and she just wanted him to follow the Gospel like she was. She also said she would probably just run away because she was too embarrassed to go home and couldn't stay here. Chi Trinh told her to calm down, not be so irraitional and just pray for guidance from Heavenly Father. Her entire prayer, she just wept and prayed for her boyfriend to be happy and it was heartbreaking. Afterwards, she just randomly flipped open the BOM and we read with her and she read Alma 26:27. It was perfect. She said she would keep trying to help him and that she wouldn't run away.

The rest of the day, we were still picking up the pieces from Pchum Ben Holiday so no one was really in town. We went to English class and literally only 5 students showed up for advanced class. BUT LISTEN. One of the people who showed up was Co Loan who we contacted ages ago! She agreed to meet with us and so we taught her and it was amazing! She kept asking questions about everything we taught and it was so good because she was really understanding. And then we taught her about prophets and she goes "oh. It's someone who guides us" At the end of the lesson, we knelt and asked her to pray and when she was done praying, her face was soaked in tears. We hugged her and she said she just felt so happy. 

Then after English class, Chi Trinh and I had to book it over to Branch 6 to watch Womens General Session and we decided to take a different road. While we were biking, we heard "Chi Ca!" We both stopped and turned around and saw a lady pulling a cart full of cardboard and plastic bottles and she came up to us and started talking to us. Turns out she is a super less-active in branch 10 but moved to branch 3 and hasn't been to church in years. We were both way shocked and ended up inviting her to church. I know it wasn't a coincidence and hope she recognizes it as Heavenly Father trying to pull her back on the right path. 

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and Co Dung who we committed to sharing her testimony like a month ago ACTUALLY GOT UP AND EVERYONE WENT CRAZY. She's been a member for almost 20 years and that was the first time she ever got up. 

This branch is improving like crazy

Honestly, every day is filled with so many miracles and I testify that it is truly the Lord's hand in this work. He loves His children. I know this is HIS work and I am eternally grateful and so privileged to be a part of it. 

I love you all. Can you believe it's been a year? It feels like 5 minutes. 


Sister Nguyen 

Picture 1 Sweet Sister Luke

Picture 2 Sisters from our MTC group 

Picture 3 This is a member's grandson who walks around during our lessons chanting Buddhist chants...

Picture 4 Some of our MTC group on our year mark! 

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