Monday, October 17, 2016

The week of the Granola Baby! 10/9/16

Xin Chao! 

Good week.

On Monday, we had FHE with Co Nga and her family and it was probably the funniest thing ever because the Khmer elders were also there and so the entire FHE was in Khmer actually. 

Wednesday morning was transfers and so we went up to the mission home with Chi Trinh's luggage and right when we got there President called all of the Viet missionaries into his office and said there was a slight problem and MY HEART DROPPED AND I WAS SO WORRIED THAT THE MISSIONARIES GOT REASSIGNED OR WENT HOME. Anyway, he told us that their visas got delayed and they wouldn't come until Saturday! So I would have to go in a trio with Sister Haddock and Snooks for a little. And so I got to be in the Khmer program again for a few days and it was a blast. 

Then on Saturday morning, we finally got our new missionaries. I got my new comp, Sister Galland aka Chi Ha and she's way sweet and super hip and so cool and I could literally sit and listen to her talk about her entire life. She wants me to speak Vietnamese to her all the time hahaha Also, get this! In college she roomed with a return sister from this mission Vietnamese speaking and ended up getting called to the same mission! 

For the past two days, we have just been watching conference and so we haven't had any time to actually go out and proselyte so this week will be way good. 

Hmm, I loved this week and conference was so good and I really like the overall message of giving the Lord your everything in any calling He gives you and when we do that, He magnifies our abilities and talents. 

I love this work! I love Cambodia! 

Chi Ca Nguyen 

Picture 1 FHE

Picture 2 Not your average city view

Picture 3 NEW KOONS

Picture 4 Grilled Cheeses 

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