Monday, October 17, 2016

The Week of the Throwback! 9/25/16


This week was awesome! One of my favorite yet (I think I say that every week oops). 

Last Pday, we had a zone Olympicday and it was hilarious. We made pinewood derby cars out of bell peppers and carrots, played human foosball and played a bunch of other games and it was a blast.

This week, the Vietnamese program met with President Christensen to prepare for District Conference. President was assigned to teach the members about how to work with missionaries (BLEST. THANK YOU) So he asked us the problems we were having in our branches and we narrowed it down to the members aren't really sure how to run a branch council and don't really understand what their responsibilities are. So President had us put on a little play of a fake branch council for district conference compiled of these we have all heard before from actual members. Some of my favorite lines were "oh. sister, she's hopeless!" or "well, that's probably God punishing them" It's crazy. Anyway, we put on the play and President did an evaluation of the "branch council"
with the members and hopefully they learned a lot.

Thursday, I HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF GOING ON AN EXCHANGE WITH SISTER SOEM. AND IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER. She took me to Kheansvay with her  and even though we only got one lesson in, it was so fun. We ended up doing service for half the day for a member. But I realized how much Khmer I forget and it was so sad. Sister Soem was even shocked haha 

District Conference this weekend was just really good, and Chi Trinh and I learned a lot of things that we could better apply to our everyday lives as missionaries. Now I am way pumped for General Conference and can't wait!

This week is transfer calls! Scary! We'll find out on Sunday what's happening. Half of the Vietnamese district is going home and we're getting a whole new batch of white people for the first time in a long time! 
OK. I'm out of time. GOODBYE

Chi Ca Nguyen 

Picture 1 SISTER SOEM. She said "Put your sunglasses on. Don't smile"
 Picture 2 Chi Trinh riding through the streets
   Picture 4 The cutest picture of the Viet sisters you will ever see

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