Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Week of Happy Families 9/19/16

Hi All! 
This week was great! Or at least I think. I don't remember a lot. We had an activity at church and they made Banh Xeo and it felt like home for a second. It was way weird. We went around sharing with the members about bearing testimony and have committed a lot of them to bear their testimonies next fast sunday! They agreed. We're pumped. My favorite thing that happened this week was when we went to go visit one of our active member families, Co Nga and Chu Salin. THEY'VE CHANGED SO MUCH since we've been here. Now, their youngest son, Bo is learning with the Khmer elders and is planning on getting baptized in a month! They said it's been a huge blessing and they're really hoping all of their other sons will come back to church or start learning so they can go to the temple together. Co said, "I have committed myself to reading the BOM everyday so I can help Bo understand the word of God and set an example for him" AND they have started praying together every night as a family. Well, I literally started crying because i just felt so happy for them and I know for a fact from the very depths of my soul that this gospel blesses families IF we act upon on our faith. Well that's all I can remember. Here are a million pictures because I keep forgetting to send them. 



Sister Nguyen

Picture 1 My old comp Sister Soem and I thuggin' it with our High School Musical shirts
Picture 2 We went to get sandwiches for Sister Brown's Birthday! 

Picture 3 FHE at Co Lan's house. Our after lesson snack was mangoes with salt and fermented shrimp YUM

Picture 4 This cool pic of some of us contacting for English class

Picture 5 EM Thao who comes proselyting with us every week 

Picture 6 BANNH XEO 

Picture 7 Floods. When stilt homes come in handy. You can't see, but right behind sister Trinh is a guy shoulder deep in the water fishing with his hands

Picture 8 DOG

Picture 9 rain 

Picture 10 Pho for trinh's birthday 

Picture 11 tuk tuk 

Picture 12 behind the curtains for this play we put on for English class about the good Samaritan

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