Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Week of Floods, Bread, and No Gas 9/12/16

Xin Sdei! 

The weeks just keep getting better and better and so I'm thankful for all of your prayers!

This week had a lot of potential to be the worst week ever, BUT IT WASN'T.

The rain has started and our bottoms are soaked for more than half of the day, but we are still trucking. 

On Thursday, Chi Trinh prepped super yummy curry to eat and only had to throw it on the stove. When she went to turn the stove on, WE WERE ALL OUT OF GAS. So we threw it in the crockpot to eat later and called the gas people. We left and came home later that night and realized that the curry had taken a really wrong turn and turned into this mush that looks like you would feed it to someone who just came out of a coma and forgot how to chew. Also, the gas people never came so for the next three days, we lived off of our microwave and gross leftovers hahah We have literally been eating bread and instant noodles for every meal. Yesterday, we were on our last bag of noodles. Each of us had one bowl for lunch and were still so hungry but since it was Sunday, we didn't want to go out and spend money. But it was as if Heavenly Father really knows our needs or something! Because we went to visit Co Phuong and she gave us two bundles of bananas to eat and we were so grateful! After church, a truckload of members were inviting us over to dinner and FHE and we were completely shocked because normally, no one invites us over and we didn't even tell anyone about our stove problem #miracles Chi Trinh and I were reminded of this scripture that we always share with the members that if they try to find God first, they won't have to worry about worldly things. 

This week, I learned about patience and really prayed for opportunities to develop it. 
We were sitting in Vietnamese class this week and this super old Om pulls me over next to him so I could translate in Khmer. Every time I tried to stand up to go help someone else, he would pull my arm and make me sit back down. I was getting super irritated but remembered that sometimes Heavenly Father answers our prayers through others. So I just sat and stared at Om just pondering this opportunity I was given to work on patience. I asked Om about himself and his family. I kept asking him questions and he asked me "what do you want from me??" I told him I didn't want anything and just wanted to get to know him. He told me his family ran away from him and my heart basically broke into a million pieces. He said, "Since, I've met you, I've been super happy. Because you always translate for me. Do I make you happy?" I told him of course! and that he could treat me like his very own daughter. He looked at me smiled with his three toothed smile and said thank you. 

Ba Xum is still alive and kind of crazy. She told us she memorized the entire BOM and that literally made me laugh out loud. 

Phi Ngan is doing so well! She is coming to church every week and even tried fasting for the first time yesterday. Hahah she had to leave church because she was so hungry that she was shaking. It was way intense but we are grateful for her faith and willingness to keep the commandments! 

Right when Chi Trinh and I got to church yesterday, Chi Trinh got asked to speak during sacrament meeting and they asked me to play piano. We were both caught way off guard. Chi Trinh was so nervous that she messed up a million times trying to say hi. Also, I don't play piano and I never have. Branch President got up there and said "sorry. this piano player just got shipped over from america" And that's how the church is running in Cambodia. One day, they'll get it down and be super organized and it'll be awesome. 

I love you all. I hope you have the best week!!

Sister Nguyen 

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