Monday, April 4, 2016

The Week My Companion Didn't Recognize Me‏ - -This Blog post was delayed due to technical issues! Apologies!

March 20, 2016

Toul Tom Pung is still awesome!

 This week, Sister Soem and I had to go to SOS International Clinic every morning because Sister Soem has had a cough for more than three months and they are testing her for some things. We are waiting to hear back from the doctor. Hopefully,they find out what's up so she can be cured. I can tell it really frustrates her sometimes.

This week in District Meeting, we talked about how we could be more sincere in our daily prayers and how we could simplify our prayers with our investigators. So many times when we are teaching,our investigators are too scared to pray or they always say, "You pray. I like it better when you pray". And we talked about trying to help them get over that hump and see the importance of their own prayers. It was suggested that we make our prayers simple so they won't be so intimidated and think they have to say this HUGE extravagant prayer. Just simple. Like a real conversation between two people. Because essentially, that is what prayer is! A conversation between us and the Lord. 

We met with our investigator Maninoot and she is staying! She is going to get baptized in a few more weeks right after we finish up the lessons with her. It's getting harder to meet because she's so busy with modeling and learning. But she is still doing so well and wants to serve a mission as well! SHE'S SO GOOD. AHH.

Our other two progressing investigators are SreyKaa and Oon Sophia. They are both about 8-9 and getting ready to be baptized. Their families are members. Actually Srey Kaa's mom is a RM. She served in Cambodia about 10 years ago. Oon Sophia's family however is less-active and only comes every other week.It's so hard because Sophia has a real desire to come to church and she remembers so much of what we teach her. Srey Kaa is really quiet and never really talks when we teach her but yesterday, she opened up a lot. Sister Soem told me that something I can do while we're teaching is say a little prayer in my heart so I can know what to say, pray for my companion to teach by the Spirit, or pray for the investigator. And yesterday, I said a little prayer in my heart for Srey Kaa to be more comfortable with us and to realize that we only wanted to help her. It wasn't that a huge miracle happened, but for the first time ever, she said the closing prayer!! After the lesson, we talked for a little bit and now we're best buds. 

Sister Soem and I were still at little lost this week. Not area wise but just thinking of who to meet with. Luckily,the Elders were super in-tune with the Spirit or something and called us up after all of our appointments fell through and said they wanted to show us some members and less-actives we could meet. So for about 2 hours, we rode around and met a lot more members and stuff. It was way helpful and will hopefully help us this week! 

Here's something funny that happened. Sister Soem and I were looking at a printed out schedule for which companionships will contact for english class at what time and what day. Sister Soem saw her name and then saw the romanized, "Sister Nguyen" next to her name and was like,"Who is that!?" She was sincerely concerned, but I told her that was how you spell my name and she thought it was the weirdest thing ever hahaha 

That's all I've got for this week! I love you all so much and hope you are enjoying the Spring weather that is coming your way! I just want to invite you all to do what I was invited to do this week to. Pray. Sincerely. Just talk to God. If we do so, I promise He will hear you and WILL answer you.


Sister Nguyen

 Picture 1 Tarantula 

Picture 2 I totally forgot to send a picture of my companion! This is Sister Soem. She is about 4 times smaller than me. Her ankle is the size of my wrist. Lol.

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