Monday, April 25, 2016

The Week I Became The Strongest Woman In Cambodia!

Hi friends and family!
I have very little time to email this week because we went to the zoo which is two hours away and just got back. For anyone coming to Cambodia anytime soon, it's not worth it. It's five dollars for foreigners and 2000 riel for Khmers. I have finally tanned enough to pass as half Khmer!! There were very many monkeys and they stole Sister Soem's lunch straight from our tuk tuk. 

Not much time, will bullet point this week
1 Sophia got baptized!!! SHES SO CUTE
2 We got three new investigators who all came to church on Sunday!
3 One of the investigators is named Thanh her family is Vietnamese and go to the Vietnamese branch but she doesn't speak a lick of Viet so she is learning with us
4 I caught a falling baby that was about to hit his head on the floorboard 
5 We got to do physical service twice this week. We had to lift a lot of heavy things. I actually felt useful. Thank you mom for birthing me with natural muscles because i have definitely never worked out in my life 
6 Some of the members are very upset at Sister Soem and I and it was a damper on our week. Very long story and very irritating. Trying our best to love the people, nonetheless!!! 
7 We saw a white man dressed as a monk this week who said, "oh! how are the sisters doing??"
8 We finally got Sister Soem to shave her legs for the first time in her life. She let me shave her entire leg for her. hahah she never even lets me hug her 
9 Learned missionary work is definitely NOT easy. Members depend on us for a lot of things and we are trying our best to try to get them to take up some of the responsibility too.

Sister Nguyen 

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