Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Sun Got Hotter and The People Got Colder‏!

No one was home this week because everyone went back to Srok to celebrate Khmer new year with their families. It was super quite in the city. I couldn't believe it! And there were no cars on the once hectic roads. So for four days, we were sure to keep ourselves busy. On Tuesday, we spent the entire day doing a mission-wide apartment cleaning and then afterwards. On Wednesday, we had weekly planning in the morning and then went to English class in the evening. If anyone is interested, our beginners class of about 40 students had a whooping 5 students come. On Thursday, we went to lunch with all the missionaries in the city and President and Sister Christensen. The place was incredibly nice. On Friday, we had Zone Conference, South and East combined and it was very spiritually enlightening. President talked about how the two most important things we must teach are about the BOM and about the Holy Temple. I'm so grateful for both and know they are tremendous blessings in the lives of saints. Sister Soem and I are still trying to find new investigators but no one has showed interest in learning. Hopefully, when everyone comes back this week we will be able to have a more interesting and exciting week! WAIT I FOUND OUT WE GET TO STAY TWO EXTRA WEEKS!!!! WHAT A BLESSING. Anyway, I love this work! I am grateful for the Atonement of Christ and that we never have to go through anything alone because of Him. I love you all too!! 

Picture 1 The Day Sister Soem and I shared a bike. It was very very hot. 
 Picture 2 This is Sister Sok. She has been a real blessing to me these past two transfers. She is serving in Comkarmon but we are in the same house. 
 Picture 3 Khmer sunset #skypic #basic 

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