Monday, April 4, 2016

The Week Maninoot Got Dunked!

Guys. I'm really sorry I didn't get to write last week. But this week was really good so I'll try to make up for it! 

But first! Transfer calls came last night! And I am staying in Toul Tom Pong with Sister Soem for one more transfer!! :) I'm super pumped and I know this transfer will be really good.

It is now April and Cambodia is getting blazing hot. They call this their hot month and when everyone tells me that they have this look of fear on their face. We leave the house at 9 AM sometimes and it's already really hot. We are always soaked from biking in the heat. In a few months, we will be soaked from the rainy season. I have accepted that I will never be dry ever again for the next year. By the way! I hit my six month mark! It wasn't as significant as it sounds and didn't really feel any different. Plus counting down makes me really nervous because I can't imagine not being Sister Nguyen.

On Tuesday, we went to visit Bong Mao. She is the wife of the Elders Quorum President. She's less-active so she only comes twice a month. Anyway, we went to her house and she was home with all of her kids. Salina the second to oldest always hides her face from us. She's only like 5 years old. She's so shy and last time we went, she laid face down for the entire hour that we were there. We could tell she was really hot and quite frankly were scared she was going to suffocate but she still wouldn't come up. Good news! This time she tried to do it again but we went over and talked to her a little and now when she sees us, she doesn't hide her face anymore! So, Bong Mao's oldest was sick and she wanted the Elders to come over and bless him. It was weird because her husband is a worthy priesthood holder too, but that's not my business. She started talking about how her son goes to bed at 9 every night and every night at the same time, we come running to her freakishly afraid of something that he saw. It's been happening for a while and then we got started on the topic of ghosts. This is NOT a good idea because Khmers will talk about it for hours and it really does take away from the Spirit. We told her she could pray and ask Heavenly Father to protect her house and her family and only invite good spirits in. The next time we saw her, on Saturday, she said since we came to visit her, her son hadn't seen anything crazy anymore! 

On Wednesday, we went to see Yiay Rut, who is one of my favorite people ever. She's this super old grandma who lives alone. Her family all died in the Khmer Rouge and when she tells stories about it, it's incredibly heartbreaking. She has so much faith and hope, even after something as terrible as that happened to her. What an example she is. So,we visited her and she started telling us about how her eyes are beginning to not work anymore. Everything is super blurry unless it's up close and tears are always falling out of her eyes. We told her the Elders could come and give her a blessing in about 15 minutes and as soon as she heard that, the biggest two tooth smile came upon her face. She was so happy! It was a really tender moment.She is seriously the sweetest person ever. 

On Thursday and Friday, we went on an exchange to Stung Men Chey with Sister Sheffield and Sister Gallahad. We planned to meet at 2:30 at the Olympic Stadium, a place none of us had been to. We ended up riding around in circles and then Sister Soem got super dehydrated and had to rest for a second. We ended up not meeting until 4. Hahaha it was the worst. But I got to go proselyte with Sister Sheffield for two hours on Thursday and then 1 hour of service and 2 hours of proselyte with Sister Gallahad (a new missionary) for two hours. It was super nice! The members in that area are super kind. Also, Trash Mountain is part of their area! Google it if you can. It's disgusting. Sister Leng calls it Trash World. People actually live right next to it and stuff. 

On Saturday, we had a "ward fire side" and only a few people showed up. It was still a really good fireside and we talked a lot about loving the people around us. They even showed the video "Lift" from about the lady who has multiple sclerosis and how the people in her neighborhood come every night to help her get into bed. It was really moving and our RC Bong Sovann (the one in the wheelchair) cried when she watched. The ward has started a schedule for people to take her to and from church so we don't have to walk her every week now. A real act of charity. In other news, Maninoot was baptized! She's still way good an even invited her brothers to come and they are interested in learning! 

I wish I could write more., but I running out of time now. I love you all and thank you for your support.I know God lives and loves us! Until next week!!! byeee

Sister Nguyen 

 Picture 1 Maninoot got baptized!!!!!!!
Picture 2 Our investigator Sophia made food for us Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

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