Monday, November 2, 2015

The Week We Made it Halfway!‏

Hi All!!!

I can't believe it's been a month now and we have one month left! I keep having to remind myself that the mission is much much more than just being in the MTC; it gets really hard to remember that sometimes. 

This week went by really fast. I would just like to take a moment of silence to appreciate and give eternal thanks to daylight savings because we got an extra hour of sleep and it was literally the #blest thing ever. I can't remember much about this week. We got three new investigators and one less-active to teach. So now we're teaching lots every day and it's helpful to be able to practice the language. We committed Bong Soknii and Bong Radii to baptism! They both love learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I really think it will help them so  much in life. There are so many blessings that come from living the gospel, especially blessings for the family. I LOVE IT.

In case anyone was wondering about who showed up for devotional on Tuesday, it was Elder Anderson of the 12. He talked a lot about sacrifice which our district loved! It made us all really think about what we give up to be here to serve the Lord. One of the things I didn't think about was our will and desires. Everything we do from here on out is for the Lord and is His will. 

This week we were reading in the Book of Mormon about Lehi's vision of the tree of life in 1 NEPHI 8. And Sister Lemon mentioned how funny she thought it was that even in his dream, Lehi prays to the Lord. I remember thinking wow! I want the kind of Faith Lehi has. Anyway, I went home that night and had a dream that I was super discouraged about being a missionary. I was telling myself that I couldn't do any of this and that I couldn't read, write, or speak. But someone in my dream -- I'm not sure who -- told me straight up "Don't worry. Do all you can and the Lord will provide for the rest. Trust in Him". How true is that and how silly of me to think that this success is all mine!? And also, what a tender mercy. He really is mindful of us and He cares very much for each and every one of us. 

Also, we did our first Language Speaking Assessment this week. HAH. It was rough. I didn't score the best but it also wasn't the worst! I'm just very grateful for amazing Lookruus who are able to give us feedback and things that we can work on. Still waiting until I can just speak this language without having to think about it! 

Halloween was way fun! We didn't get to wear real costumes but the sisters though would be funny to dress up as each other and make the elders and teachers guess who was who. We were so proud because we all thought we did a fantastic job and was wondering why no one was congratulating us on our costumes. We totally forgot that no one in this MTC really knows us except for our district and even they weren't that impressed either, haha. 

Yesterday was our first Fast Sunday at the MTC. We all thought we were going to die. It was a very spiritual experience though. We had mission conference and it was ALL about families! And a recent family of converts came and talked to us. They're headed to the temple to be sealed for all of eternity next month! All I could think about was my own family but also, the families we will come across in Cambodia! I'm so excited to share with them the knowledge that families are eternal and there is no end. The Gospel of Jesus Christ really does heal and bless families. It brings and incredible joy and WOW can we just go to Cambodia and tell them that already?

Anyway, all in all, the language is coming along and I believe my testimony of the Savior has grown exponentially. I love being here and have more joy than I've ever had in my life. I know that in everything we do in life, we are never alone. Christ understands and He is there waiting for us to reach out to Him so He can help us. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life right now! I love you all and thank you for your incredible support :) 

Sister Nguyen  

                                                                     Picture 1 our costumes
                                                                         Picture 2 actual us
Picture 3 Thursday Service Day. I love it, I swear! 

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