Monday, October 26, 2015

The week we went back to first grade!

Friends. Family! 

Another week under the belt and an awesome week it was. On Wednesday, our district got to host (aka we helped) new missionaries find their way around (aka we ripped them from their families) as soon as they got to the MTC. It was so fun to be able to help them out, but it was also really sad to see how sad families were to say goodbye for so long. But let's be real, it's about to be an amazing two years for them!

Elder Phan who is in the Vietnamese district shared his amazing conversion story with us this week. I bawled like a baby being reminded of the Lord's hand in my life and the importance of family. So to my family, biological, adoptive, or whatever. I love you all. And I am forever and eternally grateful for your support and love. I could never form my feelings or thoughts for you all into words. PS Elder Phan has an "I'm a Mormon" video in process so keep an eye out for it, and someone please send me the link if you every find it. His name's Tetro or something like that.

We learned to read this week!! I can read a sentence and I feel like I'm back in elementary school. It's so fun though, but also it takes like five years to read a short verse in the scriptures. After I'm done reading a line, I feel super accomplished and just want to take a nice nap. 

Our lessons this past week were amazing. Jillie told me a quote once that was like whatever mission language you get called to is the language your testimony is the strongest in. Whether or not that's true, I definitely felt it this week. I've always had trouble explaining the Atonement and suffering of Jesus Christ and I don't know why. But when we were giving a lesson to our investigator Bong Radii this week, the Holy Ghost was incredible. It testified of so many things and I started crying during the lesson because I was so touched. Bong Radii, I'm hoping felt it too. We get to teach him again this week along with three new investigators. We also taught Bong Soknii this week and it was frustrating. Not because the spirit wasn't there but because of the language barrier. She understands the atonement of Christ and KNOWS that it can bless her but doesn't quite understand how it will bless her family. We tried sharing a lot of scriptures and testifying again but she still didn't get it. Sister Luke and I were so confused so we prayed about it and think that we need to tell her the importance of motherhood. I'm really excited to give this lesson. 

Fun thing! So our district is a part of the MTC choir and this Tuesday's devotional is being broadcast to all the MTCs around the world. We're thinking it's because someone special is coming. Hopefully Holland or the Prophet *fingers crossed*!!

I love my district and our teachers and our branch presidency. They always know exactly what we need to hear and do. It's incredible!! Our district has so much fun together. In these past few weeks, they've become my best friends. There's this game at the MTC that's been going on for a while where we try to slip a spoon into someone's pocket or belt loop. We think it's hilarious but it's so immature haha. Yesterday, we stuck a spoon UNDER Elder Schiefer's salad and he didn't realize it until he had already taken a few bites. So funny. 

This morning, we went to the temple and got to do initiatory! It was a very special experience for me because one of the workers asked what my last name was and I told her it was pronounced win because it's Vietnamese. She then asked me if I was the only member in my family and if I was a missionary. I told her yes, and then she said don't tell me you're going back to Vietnam. I told her actually Cambodia but that the mission covers Vietnam. She cried and told me I was so special. And it made me cry haha because of how mindful Heavenly Father is of us! 

I'm still loving it here! I can't believe we are almost halfway through with our stay at the MTC. I keep forgetting that the mission is more than just the MTC. We all want to got to Cambodia (and Sister Lemon to Tacoma) already. But we know we're here to prepare and build solid testimony before we go out and teach the people. Love you all lots and hope you have a fabulous week!!

Sister Nguyen 

Picture 1 Our district tags and temples

 Picture 2 Our district with Brother and Sister Moon who just finished serving as Cambodia Phnom Penh mission president and is now serving in our branch presidency here at the MTC.

Picture 3 Our district at the temple this morning: "Say something funny!" "Sister Nguyen smells!" 

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