Monday, November 23, 2015

The week our Flight Plans Came!


WE ARE ACTUALLY LEAVING THE MTC!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! I'm still in shock that we're not actually called to serve the Provo MTC mission. A lot of this week was just us sitting in class learning or eating or listening to devotional and just turning to each other randomly and saying, "Hey. We're actually going to Cambodia".
On Tuesday, Elder Kim B Clark came for devotional and it was the best devotional we've ever had. He said a lot of things that made me want to be more obedient in order to come home from my mission and say that I have no regrets because I know the Lord helped me do all I could. Also, I got nice warm socks and I am very grateful for that one, because it's getting cold here and two, because one of the elders in my district did sock puppets with me and we acted out a scene from Lord of the Rings and it was hilarious.

Wednesday was our last week of hosting. 600 and some missionaries came in and it was CRAZZYY!! One of the sisters I hosted said she knew Sister McDonald's family! And I met a sister from THE COLUMBUS, OH. She's from the Marysville ward. I don't really know her but she said she knew someone from Lewis Center ward. So that's cool! Friday was the longest day ever. We knew we were getting flight plans that day so we kept checking the mail box and nothing came. When we went to the Travel Office they told us they were behind and so we would get our flight plans Saturday morning at the latest. We were bummed for the rest of the day. And then at the end of the night, we sat down for our daily grateful circle and district prayer and Elder Mendenhall our District Leader said after we were done praying he had something he needed to talk to us about. We were all nervous that we were in trouble or something but after we were done, he looked into his bag and said, "Elder Schiefer and I were walking outside and found something that looks important and thought you all might want it". AND THEN HE PULLED OUT OUR FLIGHT PLANS. WE WERE HAD!!! We weren't even mad, he got us so good! 

And then on Saturday, we got to Skype a real life Khmer person in Cambodia!! Her name is Phalla Mey. She was so sweet and actually understood us! She served her mission in Cambodia and hopefully I get to meet her when I get there! Half way through the lesson, it started raining really hard. We thought it was a connection problem, but it was literally just rain and now I'm scared. Also, towards the end of her lesson, her mom walked in with some sort of very very low cut undershirt on and it was hilarious. Phalla Mey broke and started speaking English and kept saying, "my mom! my mom! it's very hot!" and then shoved her mom out the room but we saw her mom lurking at the door watching us pray over Skype. Needless to say, I am not traumatized because my mom does the same all the time. South east Asians I guess. 

Necruu Davis told us she wasn't coming this week because of Thanksgiving and I literally started crying because I didn't want to say bye. I'm so grateful for our teachers who are so patient with us and so kind and helpful every step of the way. I love them very much and am so grateful for the inspiration they receive for us. I just want to pack them up and take them to Cambodia with us. Lookruu Mickelson video taped us saying our testimonies in Khmer so we could have them later in our mission and see how much we've grown.

Anyway, last full week in America!! I am very excited to go to Cambodia and cannot wait to serve the Khmer people. They are so ready to heal their painful and heartbreaking past through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and I would not want to be anywhere else in the world right now. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week and more fully recognize how much the Lord's hand is working in your lives as well. 

Daoy seckdeisr)lan,
Sister Ving  (that's how you pronounce my name in Khmer haha)

Picture 1 The District's longest running joke is Sister Nguyen Smells. The Elders wrote in on the board in a different class room and Lookruu Sorenson translated it into Sister Nguyen smells good :) (ALSO CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I CAN ACTUALLY READ THAT!? GOD IS REAL. GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL)

 Picture 2 Sister Moon and I have the same dress! Mine Is from a thrift store in Columbus, Ohio and hers is from Vietnam. lol 

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