Monday, October 19, 2015

"Hashtagging since Angkor Watt"‏


What a week! Did it go by super fast or was it just me? Week 3 has definitely been the hardest so far. We started teaching two new investigators, Bong Radii and Bong Soknii. They're both super awesome. It was frustrating at first because both were so quiet, so it was hard to understand them and so we didn't know how to help them. At one point, I just laughed while Bong Radii was speaking because I couldn't understand him and it was my way of coping rather than getting visually frustrated. Oops. But, both have committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it so that's pretty neat! 

Oh! This past Saturday, we had our first TRC when a volunteer comes in (usually a member) and we have to teach them a lesson in Khmer based off of their needs. It was hard because our person Bong Brady was literally good with everything so we tried to invite him to continue to come unto Christ and read the Book of Mormon more sincerely. He served in Boston, MA Cambodian speaking! Isn't that crazy?! Anyway, our lesson was only twenty minutes and it was cool but next week, we have to plan a forty minute lesson and I'm a little nervous! 

My Phiassa Khmer is still beginners level. Bong Raddii asked us what we ate for dinner and all I could say was fruit...he was very concerned that we did not have a real meal. We started learning script and how to read and write. The alphabet is insane; it's literally the longest phonetic alphabet in the world. If you haven't seen it, google pictures! I swear, I'm not lying. The letters were made to look uniform because I guess the Cambodian people just wanted it to look pretty and neat. Crazy. Anyway, when we read a word, we are literally reading in a circle. It gets a little dizzy sometimes. AND they don't space out their words soliterallyeverythingiswrittenlikethis. Our Lookrruu told us they've been #hashtaggingsinceangkorwatt and it made me laugh. My English is progressively gettign worse. I can't even spell anything anymore  haha. I can't wait until I know this language. It's really cool how much we've learned already though. I can hold a very small conversation so yay! I got really frustrated with myself this week because the language is so difficult.

Yesterday was wonderful. I love Sundays and I love my district! We got to watch an amazing talk by Elder Holland called missions are forever. And it just helped re-motivate all of us. So we're trying to make every second count. Also, I ran into a girl from Kaysville, UT who knew Elder Twogood. How funny! Such a small world. And two of our Canto districts left this morning which was sad because they were awesome but they're on their way to Taiwan and I'm so excited for them and can't wait until our district gets to head to the mission field!

This week went by so fast and so much happened sthat I'm having trouble recalling everything. All I know is that, wow, the gift of tongues is so real, you guys. And the spirit is so real. I know it's not me doing these things and it's not me teaching our investigators. It's the Holy Ghost testifying truths unto them! Also, we got to shake hands with the Indonesian Ambassador this week. NBD. Love you all so much and I'm eternally grateful for your thoughts and prayers. Until next week!

Sister Nguyen
Picture #1 It rained. Sister Brown and I were ecstatic! 

Picture #2 Exhausted after six hours of class

Picture #3 My sweet companion sister Luke totally passed out during choir (haha)

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