Monday, February 27, 2017

This Week 2/19/17

This week was great!! 

We picked up an investigator's that the old sisters were teaching. Her name is Oanh and she works for one of our members and is so eager to learn and knows so much! Her family however is part of a different church so she has been hiding the fact that she is learning with us and is too scared to get baptized. She did come to church this week though!!! 

Our other investigator, Chi Lin is in Vietnam. 

Our Sunday got a little funky because of some things that have been going on with branch 10 and so I went on exchanges to branch 10 church with Sister Oanh and it was a blast! A lot of the members were so kind but kept asking when I was going home and then sang "God be with you 'til we meet again" to Sister Leavitt and I because we are down to four Sundays now. NOOOOOOO.

Do you want to hear funny things that happened at church?

1) A less-active named Co Be never comes to church and is super catholic now or whatever but still lets us visit her and her daughter Chantha. Chantha is good and has been coming back to church every week. They asked us to talk to branch president about giving Co Be's grand daughter a baby blessing. We got everything set up and they ended up doing it in the middle of Sunday school...haha. And  check this out. President Kim Ess tried to sit the six month old baby on a chair by herself!!!1!!! HAHAH. And then Elder Leavitt came up and said nononono. We have to hold the baby. It was funny haha. 

2) This week's relief society lesson was about the Word of Wisdom. They got super side-tracked for twenty minutes (class was only like half an hour haha) and started talking about poop and how to make going to the bathroom easier. "Well, I guess it was a good solid talk" - Sister Leavitt 

3) We were talking in Sunday school about listening to the promptings of the spirit. Co Binh enthusiastically said "YES!! I have heard the Holy Ghost speak to me before!! One time a chicken walked into my home and I tied it up and was going to eat it. But then I heard 'maybe, it's not your chicken' and then i double checked and it really wasn't my chicken!!" Then she brought up that story every other ten minutes for the rest of the hour. 

Things are going great! I love the people here. They are really so special. We saw The Lord's hand a lot this week is leading us to where we needed to be at the right time. He lives! I know that for a fact. Anyway, have a great week!!!

Sister Nguyen 
 Picture 1 Our trainers are living together in house! And now we are living together too!!!
 Picture 2 We waited outside Chi Kim's house fortwenty minutes...turns out she wasn't home lol 
 Picture 3 Elder Quang who just ended his mission a few transfers ago came back to show off his beautiful fiance and bought us vietnam shirts

Picture 4 Co Be's grand daughter who only has hair on one side of her head also hahah 

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