Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Week We Found a Family!! 2/12/17


I got Sister Mead this week! And it has been a blast. She is super gung ho about the work and is exactly what I need this transfer! 

We finally contacted a referral that Chu ba came us. She just came back from Vietnam. And we taught her! She has a husband and a nine year old daughter and she is so willing and excited to learn with us! We are hoping that we will be able to start teaching her whole family so soon! 

This week, I got to go back to branch three for a day and saw almost everyone and I have pictures below look!!! They're the best and they are so loving and kind. Ba Xum saw me and got really excited and then we sat down and prayed with her and she prayed, "Please bless sister... right in front of the right... She left me for a while. Maybe 5-6 months. But she remembered to come back for me" It was funny because she didn't remember my name and also I've only been gone for like six weeks hahah. But it was way sweet. 

Chi Kim a super less-active came back to church finally! We had an experience where we went to visit her and found her holding her super sick one year old who was hooked up to an IV. She asked the elders to come over to bless her baby and the elders came over and we sat and pondered for a second and decided that since the baby already got proper medical care, it as really Chi Kim that needed the blessing. We were really happy she came to church and she even asked us to come back over next sunday to do FHE with her family. Her husband is not a member yet so hopefully this is going to open some doors!!

That's all. Here are some cool pictures from transfer day when our entire MTC group was there! The elders still think I smell dang it. 

Ok! Have a great week!!

Sister Nguyen 

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