Monday, February 15, 2016

The Week of Dolphins in Cambodia‏


We are emailing super late today because for Pday, our district and few elders from our zone decided that we would go to Kratie (two and a half hours away) and see the dolphins in the river! Plus it only cost 5 dollars a person to take a car down there. Well, when we go there, it turns out, you have to pay to get on a boat to see the dolphins, but it's totally against the white handbook. We were super bummed and asked if we were allowed to walk on the trail by the river and they said we would still have to pay as much as we would if we were to ride the boat. Anyway, we were super ticked because we wasted so much time to basically just sit in a cramped van together for five hours. So we all got cheap 2000 riel dolphin hand carved key chains. And I guess it's pretty cool to say we were the first missionaries ever to set foot there. 

A lot of our investigators were either out of town for New Years, busy, or just not answering our phone this week. It was a bummer, but we hope to catch a lot more of them this week. The girls that we taught last week didn't get permission from their parents to learn with us so we had to stop teaching them, and Malee the one we thought was really promising didn't come to church and we don't  have her number so we don't have a way to contact her. We are hoping she comes to English class this week! 

Picture 1 I woke up Sunday with a swollen eye lid and it was really funny ;) 

Picture 2 Om Cianthan, one of the recent converts we teach. She is 69 and is missing all her teeth hahah!
Chinese New Year here isn't as exciting as I thought it would be. It's loud here and there and there's lots of music playing and firecrackers going off and dragon dancing and all the classics. But we didn't really do anything fun or festive. We did try to proselyte but there aren't many people on the streets because everyone is inside playing cards and celebrating with their family. 

I noticed that a lot of this week, Sister Nhem and I talked about repentance and going to the temple with our less-actives and recent converts. The two go hand in hand really. We need to constantly repent and be worthy in order to go to the temple and be in the House of the Lord. What a peaceful place it is, I felt the Spirit so incredibly strong when we were bearing testimony of the holiness of the temple and power of repentance. 

I can't believe it's already week four of this transfer and that I have already been in country for two months now! It has been going by super fast which worries me a little. One night, I had a nightmare that I returned home from Cambodia and that I couldn't remember anything that happened besides training. I woke up in a sweat. 

Here are some funny things that I heard this week:
"I don't want to be reincarnated in to a tree or animal, ya know? I don't want to be mistreated"
"You're not Vietnamese, You're Japanese, Please stop lying. I'm going to go grab this Vietnamese person over here and see if you can speak to them. That'll show you" (He was drunk)
"Ok. Sister Big can pray to close" (referring to me)
"Wow, your siblings are really pretty but you..."

Also, this week as we were riding away from a lesson this week and we rode past a recent convert Bong Viak and she was reading the Book of Mormon and it was such a tender mercy! How faithful these people are. 

Well that's a summary of my week. I'm super pumped for this week too because we have zone training again! And really hoping we can find at least one family to teach before this transfer ends!! Hope you are all having the best 2016 ever and soaking up the awesomeness of America and eating all the cereal you can!! 


Sister Nguyen

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