Monday, February 15, 2016

The Week I Did NOT Get Malaria!

Friends! Family! I hope you all had a blast this week!! 

This was an extremely interesting week for our companionship. Sister Nhem came down with a fever and a cold Tuesday night and had to stay home some of Wednesday and (she thought she was feeling a little better on Thursday) Friday because she was not feeling too well. Luckily, but also unluckily, Sister Brown from Branch 1 was also a little under the weather and had to stay in. So Sister Ren and I went on exchanges and covered branch 1 and 2 for a few days. It was way fun because I love Sister Ren! She reminds me so much of my sisters because she is such a goof and loves to pick on me but she also takes care of me a lot. This entire week, we slept outside and it felt so good but I ended up getting a million mosquito bites EVEN THOUGH I WORE LONG SLEEVES AND SLEPT UNDER A MOSQUITO NET (?!!?!?!???) I counted 25 bites after one night!!! 
On Friday, our mission finally got to watch the Missionary Worldwide Broadcast from like a month ago. And holy cow, it was way powerful. The first presidency and leaders of the church definitely knew what we needed to hear. I especially loved what was said about less-active. We are to treat them like investigators. Teach them the lessons again, give them commitments, and help them remember what they felt at baptism so they can come back and enjoy the blessings. And then, Sister Ren and I went on exchanges. Sister Ren and I contacted this random Om and taught him the first lesson. When we were teaching him about prayer, and told him that when we pray we fold our arms and close our eyes. His response was, "close my eyes?! someone is going to come up behind me and hit me in the head with a stone" haha what a guy! Too bad, he was in the first branch area, but hopefully Sister Ren and Sister Brown get to meet with him some more! 

On Saturday, the mission president had a meeting with all the church leaders in KPC. And we thought for sure that he would call for a new branch president in branch 2. On Sunday, IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER SEEN THE BRANCH PRESIDENT AT CHURCH. So we were all so sure he was getting released. Turns out, nope. He's keeping his calling, but we are really hoping President Christensen said something to him and that maybe our BP will start showing up to church and being more active in the work here! 

Other than that, not too many exciting things happening. Our investigators have stopped progressing and so Sister Nhem and I are on a task to find people who want to learn by the end of this week. It's a real bummer sometimes when you know how much the gospel can bless their lives but they just can;t see it. Sometimes, I like to just think that we are just paving the way and helping them nourish the seeds and maybe they will be more ready to receive the gospel with another set of missionaries.

We get transfer calls this Sunday which means this transfer is ending soon which means I'm almost out of my training!! It's kind of scary to think about. I still feel like I know so little, but I figure, that's what the Atonement of Christ is for, I am able to say that Christ understands where I am right now and more than anything, He is my light and such a message of hope. Through Him, I know I can learn more and progress each and every day. And I don't ever have to be afraid because I KNOW He will be guiding me and if I am doing His will, there is no way that I can fail. 

Well, that's all from me! Next week, we find out if I'm staying in KPC or leaving. I'm secretly hoping I stay. I love these people so much already and have just started getting to know them, but we'll see!! Grateful for all your support and prayers :) Have the best week ever!!

Sister Nguyen

Picture 1 I fell off my bike, BUT I got this sick bruise and decided to make the best of it and turn it into a flower. Sorry if you are weary of heart.  

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