Monday, February 22, 2016

The Week from Potty Training to Big Girl Pants!

Hi family! Hi friends! 

I'm getting transferred out of Kampong Cham and headed to the city to an area called Toultumpung. Actually, I'm not really sure if that's the right name. I will update everyone next week when I am actually there. I'm a little bummed because we were all pretty sure that Sister Nhem would leave to her death area (because she only has a few months left on her mission) and that I would just lead out KPC. So I didn't say goodbye to any of the members and we told everyone that Sister Nhem was leaving. Also, I'm pretty bummed because I love the members here soo soo much. I hope I get a chance to serve here again!  Not to mention, this will be the first time in my entire mission that I will not be with Sister Brown. We have been together since the MTC and are not sure how we will function without each other. I'm just really grateful that we are able to meet such amazing people while serving :) One more thing, it will be way weird to be out of training. I'm mainly nervous because people will be expecting more from me, but I have to admit, I really don't know much still! 

This week, we tried to meet with a lot of less-actives that we haven't met yet. Not many of them were home so we did a lot of back and forth and didn't get to meet any new people. We did however, have the opportunity to share messages with some of our active members and help strengthen them.One of my favorite lessons was with Ming Pira who is active and has two kids who are return missionaries. We talked to her about the temple and she said, "I'm lazy. I also don't want to go without my husband. He's not a member yet". And the entire time we were talking about her husband, she just kept saying "He's not a member...yet". That little 'yet' at the end really made me realized how hopeful she was. She has so much faith and after a while of talking to her she has so much faith that Heavenly Father will provide a way for her family to be sealed together forever. But for now, she has goals to go to the temple and get her own endowments out. On Thursday, we did service and helped the Branch 1 sisters' recent convert harvest her hickima (spelling?!?!) plants. It was way fun and I'm really glad we had the chance ot do hands on service like that before I head to the city. On Saturday, we got to do FHE with a pretty active family. They live across the huge Kizuna bridge about 20 minutes from the church but still manage to come every week! The bridge is a beast and biking over it is a beast of a challenge. Other than that, I can't really remember much that happened this week! I do have to say that I am super grateful for these past two transfers, this past one especially. It has been super happy and fun and a great start to the mission! I can only imagine it getting better from here and I'm way pumped for that! I hope you all have an amazing week! Next time I write it'll be from my new area!! Peace, love, and blessings Victory hand

Sister Nguyen 

Here is one picture of multi-tasking. Don't worry it was lunch time, no one was on the roads (not many people are on the roads anyway) and Sister Nhem was looking out for me. The other picture is of our Branch 2 elders and us at FHE at Puu Leng's house. They had to escort us home because it was late haha 

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