Monday, January 25, 2016

The week we had to take Sister Semones to the bus station for transfers- Week of 1/17

Hey guys!

This week was super fun! On Wednesday, we were scheduled to do service in the morning. We were supposed to go with Sister Brown and Sister Ren, but Sister Brown ended up feeling a little sick so she stayed home with Sister Semones and so just Sister Ren, Sister Nhem and I went to do service. We gathered rice and it was kind of the worst. Being bent over for 3 hours picking up rice is so nauseating. I felt so sick but, afterwards, we looked at the three fields we gathered and were so satisfied! Can I just say for the millionth time how much I love service? I LOVE IT. And then after we came home, we had to take Sister Semones to the bus station for transfers. It was a little sad but mostly, we are really excited for this awesome opportunity she gets to have!

Thursday, after weekly planning, we went out to meet all the people for the day, but literally NO ONE was home. Sister Nhem and I were more weirded out than frustrated. Even Om Naa who is always on the side of the road at her shop wasn't home. And so after many failed attempts, we pulled over to the side of the road and just laughed to keep ourselves from going insane. And then Sister Nhem said, "Heavenly Father please help us to find someone to teach!!". And then she remembered a girl who we had contacted at a less-active's house. So we called her up and she agreed to meet with us! We went to pick her up from her school and had to dope her all the way back to the church. It was way far and so tiring haha. Turns out, her name is Linda! Everyone laughs when I tell them that's my name and they always say, "that's a Khmer name!". Anyway, she thinks it's so funny and so she just calls me Sister Linda. It's really weird to hear your first name!! In my dreams at night, people even call me Sister Nguyen and when I try to think of a memory, I always remember the person saying Sister Nguyen instead of Linda. Anyhow, so we taught her the first lesson and she just looked terrified the whole time. Haha, it was so bad. I'm so glad Sister Nhem saw that too because then she told her that we were both converts and that everything was strange when we first started learning too but that she promised that Linda could only know if what we were teaching was good or not if she tried it out for herself. So Linda agreed and even said she would come to church on Sunday! 

Friday was our best day yet! We managed to get so many lessons in and even picked up another new investigator! Her name is Srey Nic and she has a super good friend who is a member. SO funny, we were teaching about the restoration and had her member friend Leakhana sit in to help us teach. And then we asked Leakhana to share some of her thoughts about the Book of Mormon and she was doing awesome and then she started talking about how we can't drink coffee and how her mom drank coffee and needed a blessing from the elders. Sister Nhem and I were really caught off guard but all we could do was continue. 

Sunday was like any other Sunday. Not many people showed up and it was a bummer. The District President met with our District Leader and talked about how the numbers for Kampong Cham are really falling. So we are trying to come up with proposals on what to do. All in all, we are still staying positive and trying to work harder than ever to help this area really grow! It's so hard when you love these people so much and when they see God's hand in their lives but still don't care enough to come to church. BUT Sister Nhem and willing and ready to work our butts off! Sorry I don't really have anything spiritual to share. I hope you're all doing well and handling the cold well too! 

Sister Nguyen 

Picture 1 We climbed a tower last p-day, this was our view! 
Picture 2 too hot in Cambodia 
 Picture 3 stopping traffic to proselyte for our free English class

Picture 4 Do service - get a free turnip! 

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