Monday, January 25, 2016

The Week of the GIANT KAMPONG CHAM CAR WASH‏ !!!!!

Hi all!

Wait, before I tell you about this week I just want to tell you all that today is possibly the coldest day in Cambodia with a high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 70 degrees. It's so funny because everyone was wearing full on winter bubble coats this morning and chastising us for wearing short sleeves. Hahaha.

Ok this week. We started up a fun new thing with between branches 1 and 2 of KPC -- a hymn/scripture class every Tuesday night open to all faiths and we are hoping it will draw more people in and get them interested in our church! We have yet to advertise it so we will see how many actually come this week. On Wednesday, we did some service for one of the Branch 1 Sister's investigator. She has all this land and grows all this fun stuff, so we helped her pick some peanut plants and I have to say it is a lot less complicated than I would have ever thought! LOTS of fire ant hills thoughTired face and then for English class, we had the highest attendance record EVER. I would love to tell you what it was but I forget and also numbers aren't important, am I right? On Thursday, we were doing weekly planning and Sister Nhem was just like, "what can we do for Kampong Cham!? There is no one to teach". And I half jokingly replied, "Shut up, Sister Nhem. You have to believe in miracles. We will get a miracle this week". AND THEN GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? YEAH. A MIRACLE. We went to the work place of one of our investigators and decided to contact the shop across the street from her. It turns out, it was a girl we had already contacted before and who actually ditched one of our appointments lol. Anyway, we asked her if she wanted to learn and she said yes! Her name is Srey Niang and she is sooo funny, she has a niece and a nephew who she takes care of and they are so sweet and we just recently started teaching her niece Lisa too. But anyway, a Neak Ming came and sat in on the lesson and we asked her if she wanted to learn with us and she said yes! After the lesson, we walked on over to her house to get to know her better and she just poured out her little heart and was crying all over. We are way excited to teach these two miracles and help them come closer unto Christ. On Saturday, all of the KPC branches pulled together to do a 8am-6pm free car wash. BUT WAIT. There was a twist. While the people were waiting for their cars and motos to be washed, they had to go sit down in the shade with free water next to Sister Nhem and Sister Ren. They contacted over 100 people with 51 wanting to learn! And we were able to wash around 175 motos and 50 cars maybe? I don't remember. It was way fun and after literally a day full of service, my body is completely sore. ALL worth it! Sorry so short on email this week, we are in the city again because Sister Nhem has a tendinitis and wanted to get it checked. If you're wondering about church on Sunday, 25 people including the missionaries showed up. BUT don't worry! We are working on it!! Alright, until next week!!!

Sister Nguyen

Pictures 1 and 2 - Car Wash

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