Monday, January 11, 2016

The Week of the Mighty Miracle!!‏

HI ALL. BEFORE ANYTHING. CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED? VIETNAM IS BECOMING ITS OWN MISSION ON MARCH 1!!! I AM WAY PUMPED. All my cousins and aunts and uncles better watch out for the missionaries coming their way. So many prayers and so much fasting and work and most importantly will of the Lord gone to good. What a privilege to say we were here when it happened! 

Ok. On Tuesday Sister Nhem and I went to the city because Sister Nhem is a Sister Training Leader and had to go to MLC. So I went out with Sister Haddock and Sister Pace and we went contacting around the city while our companions were in the meeting. It was way fun but biking in the city is way scary haha Anyway, I always learn a lot from them and am so happy to see they are doing so well and learning so much! Sister Pace just opened up a jar of wisdom on us and it was a lot of what I needed to hear. 

There was no service this week on Wednesday and it was a bummer. We went to teach our investigator Bong Thaa about the woman with the issue of blood and how she acted on her faith in Christ, but when we got there we realize we all forgot our bibles at home and so just went to teach an impromptu lesson about the Priesthood. It turns out, Bong Thaa and her baby are super sick. We told her that if she wanted to, the Elders or someone from church would be more than willing and happy to give them a blessing. She was so glad to hear that and we told her she could come to church on Sunday and ask one of them. She told us she would come, but ended up not coming. We hope it's just because she couldn't find a ride :/ 

Thursday was an interesting day. After weekly planning, I was not feeling too good but decided to go out anyway. We went and waited at the church for one of our potential investigators to show up. She ended up ditching us for the third time in a row and then I ended up getting a fever haha. It was already 4 o clock by then so we just finished up teaching before curfew. We taught Om Naa which was a referral from the Elders and she is SUPER SWEET. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Every time we come, she just calls us srey s'aat and then smiles and absorbs the whole lesson in. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she already knew so much about the creation and Adam and Eve. At the end of the lesson, she told us she knew that she had to keep the commandments and follow Jesus Christ in order to live with God again, but that Sunday was her only day off and she wasn't sure if she could come to church. We are excited because she still wants to learn and we can see that she is actually taking things in and remembers things from previous lessons! And then after that, we went to teach Ming Sotea who is an inactive. She's super awesome and every time we go t teach her, the spirit is incredible. We decided to teach her about forgiveness because Bong Thaa our investigator lives across the street from her and they've got some weird beef but we wanted Bong Thaa to have a way to get to church and were hoping Ming Sotea could help. Anyway, we finished our lesson and she said she would try to offer rides to Bong Thaa and then she looked at us and asked if she could ask a question. And then she asked about Heavenly Mother and I was really surprised. We talked about it a little and it was way fun. 

I woke up Friday morning and my fever was gone! So I'm still alive and healthy (obviously)!! We had zone training on Friday and it was a blast! Right before we started, our zone leader walked in after getting off the phone and was like, "Ok. We have some exciting news. Starting March 1st, Vietnam becomes its own mission!". My mouth literally dropped. Everyone was so happy, mostly because now when we do mission prayer, we don't have to pray for the missionaries and people in Vietnam anymore. We're not sure what will happen but are so excited to hear! Anyway, what I took away most from zone training was to 1 BE DILIGENT 2 Tie in the Atonement and Restoration to EVERY lesson because those two things bring the Spirit like no other and 3 Take personal responsibility. I swear the Elders in our zone are so in tune with the Spirit, because I know for me, it was everything I needed to hear. This was a great transfer but I'm hoping to apply what I learned from Zone Training to this new transfer and back it even better. 

Saturday, Sister Nhem woke up feeling a little under the weather so we stayed home in the morning and finished cleaning the house. In the afternoon, Sister Semones and I went out to teach a recent convert, Om Cianthaan, while Sister Nhem stayed home with Sister Ren and Brown. We brought a bible to teach her and she said she didn't have one and I said don'r worry we'll bring you one tomorrow, you can use mine right now. And then she ended up writing in mine and taking it home. Hahaha she's old and crazy but I love her so much. 

Yesterday, we had all these lessons planned for after church and they all fell through. We ended up dropping one of our investigators because she hides or pretends top be asleep every time we come and just doesn't want to learn anymore. And then Om Naa hurt her back so she had to go to the chiropractor so we decided to contact. I got to play badminton with random people and I found a Vietnamese guy on the side of the road. We tried to give him a pamphlet but then he told us he didn't know how to read. And so I tried talking to him in Vietnamese and he would just reply back in gibberish. It was a little frustrating so we went home and just snacked on some Oreos to end the day. We got transfer calls last night, Sister Nhem and I are going to finish up training here in Kampong Cham and Sister Semones is going to train!!! Isn't that way cool? I'm so pumped for this transfer and hope it's even better than the last and that the work in Kampong Cham will really start picking up! Hope the new year is going swellingly for 5 of you who actually read this!!! Until next week!

Sister Nguyen

P.S. I have absolutely no pictures this week sorry lol 
P.P.S. WAIT JUST KIDDING. Here's a picture of Sister Pace, Haddock, and I with our
American food in the city.

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