Monday, June 6, 2016

The Week of 80 Smiles!

Sua sdei! 

This week was good! It was a little slow at first. For some reason, slowly but surely, we have been running out of people to visit. Our days used to be super busy, but now no one is home lately and so we are really struggling to find people to see. The Elders said the same thing was happening to them as well, so I guess it's kind of comforting knowing it's not just our companionship? We ended up doing a lot of English class contacting (standing on the side of the road holding up a sign to advertise our English class. It got a little boring so we decided to make a game out of it and see how many people would smile back at us in the span on one hour. 80!!!)

Two weeks ago in English class, one of the Vietnamese members brought a khmer nonmember with them and referred her to us. She told us she really wanted to learn and so we took her number and gave her a call the next day but she told us she was too busy because she has two kids in school and she is learning how to do nails. The week after that, we ran into her while we were proselyting and asked if we could come see her, she said we could come eat rice with her but that she was only free for one hour because she had to go back to work. We turned around to take a phone call, and then when we turned back around she was gone. Well, this week, the Vietnamese elders have been bugging us about the referral they had for us. We finally found time to meet with the elders and follow them to the referrals work place and turns out it was the Bong Srey from English class! That's three times now that we've run into her. We sat down and talked to her to just get to know her and teach her about prayer. Th spirit was soooo strong and sh said we could come see her at her work place anyday around 4! 

On Wednesday, we had English class again and ended up getting a lot of potential investigators from it -- including a couple! Which means we might start teaching a family(ish)!!! 

On Friday, we met with Srey Niang again and we always have to give ourselves time when we go to see her. She talks for forever. We read a scripture with her, and ended up stumping her with one verse. She read it over and over again and then got really quiet and summarized what it meant to her (which was totally different from what we thought it meant!). She talked about how it made her think about all the wrong things she's done before and how awful she felt for it. But then she started talking about how much her boyfriend has been a help for her and an example to her of strong faith. She said before she was like a tree and he was like a rock that she leaned on whenever the winds blew, but now that he's on his mission, she feels like there's no rock there. We told her about how she is never alone. If anything, we are here for her, but more importantly, Christ is ALWAYS there for her. We told her to rely more on Christ and to let Him help her. By the end of the lesson, we were all crying and it felt good to connect with each other. 

On Saturday, we had surprise service! We helped some members in Comkamon shovel a HUGE MOUND of dirt to make a foundation for their home. It was just us four sisters. The members were so happy and impressed and said we did enough work for 10 men. The next day, they got up and bore their testimony in sacrament meeting about faith and expressed their gratitude for the sisters #YEAH #GIRLPOWER Afterwards, we went out proselyting and were super sore and still are to this day. We met with Thida, one of our investigators and she is doing so WELL!! She has learned all by herself how to read the scriptures and apply it to her own life and she even confessed to us that she wants to become a missionary as well! IM SO HAPPY. It's so hard though, because we only get to meet her once a week. I really wish we could meet her more, but it's also good because she doesn't not feel like she is being rushed or anything! 

This week, Elder Wong from the Seventy will come and share a few things with us and then we have Zone training on Friday and more service on Saturday! It will be a busy week, but hopfully we get to find more people to teach! 

I love this work. I really do. I'm grateful to be serving in Christ's name, teaching and comforting others in place of Him. I LOVE YOU ALL AND HOPE YOU GUYS ARE NICE TO THE MISSIONARIES BACK AT HOME. 

Sister Nguyen 

Picture 1
Srey Kaa was finally baptized! 

Picture 2 there is no picture 2. Sorry. I'm bad at taking pictures. 

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