Thursday, December 31, 2015

The week Christmas happened!

Hello all! 

This has been a crazy week with Christmas and coming to the city and all. We went to Sister Nhem's graduation today and so we didn't have much time for email but I'll try to make it quick. Christmas was great! Our district went and gave gifts to our branch presidencies and sang carols to them all day. I got to skype home to family on Saturday and do miss them so very much but love Cambodia too much to desire to go home. We had an activity with first and second branch on Saturday for Christmas and more than 200 people showed up including less actives and so we committed almost all of our recent converts, less actives and investigators to come to church the next day and none of them ended up showing up. Bummer. I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting and was incredibly nervous, I'm pretty sure one of the Lookpuus yelled at me to speak up. All in all, Cambodia is still crazy, I think I'm still sane. I'm just incredibly grateful for the opportunity we had to remember the great gift of the Savior that gives us hope and helps us to endure. I hope that everyone can not only take time of Christmas to remember that but also in all we do each day. I'm pumped for New Years and hope everyone has a safe and happy one. Love you all and will hopefully send pictures next week!! 

Sister Nguyen 

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